"Sometimes I can't kick my shoes off fast enough. #freethefeet" I wrote on a sticky note while listening silently on a conference call. It was making me claustrophobic not feeling the ground (in this case, carpet) beneath my feet. And, that feeling is coming back as I realize I still have my shoes on. I decided then that I would make it a point to walk barefoot outdoors every day that I could. It's liberating, relaxing, and, well, grounding. I can feel my knees tingle and my toes come alive when they touch grass. They say there are all sorts of benefits to grounding - that it helps us release the negative energy we accumulate through the use of electronics. And, sure that's definitely an added benefit. But there's nothing quite like the simple pleasure of feeling good. I say if it feels good and makes you happy, then by all means do it. However, just because eating a cupcake feels good doesn't mean you should eat 20 of them - the happiness factor doesn't increase with each cupcake. For me, feeling good is something that energizes me, relaxes me, makes me laugh. It's something that produces positivity and most importantly love. You can't have or give too much love. The world needs more love. You need more love, and I need more love. Connect with yourself today. Show yourself some love, compassion, and positivity. Maybe for you that means walking barefoot in the grass. Maybe it means playing basketball with friends. Or, scrapbooking, dancing, singing, playing an instrument. Find that something that moves you. That something that speaks to you and makes you feel alive. It's been raining today, torrential downpour really. But, I can't wait to walk through the mud and feel it squish between my toes. It lets me know I'm still here, still alive and kicking.