Not every problem needs a solution

I find myself wanting to solve other people's problems. I hear or read someone complain about a condition and I immediately want to tell them to use essential oils, or that it could be from repressed anxiety. I hear someone say they have a sinus infection and I want to pump them full of medicinal herbs and hand them neti pots filled with warm salt water and grapefruit seed extract. I read about lower back pain and want to offer yoga poses. But, not every problem needs to be solved. Not every person wants help. Not every complaint needs to be met with unwavering suggestions of books or poses or techniques. 


i listen to the cars drive past my house and i want to move to silence.

i watch my dog stretch and yearn for the outdoors, and i want to retreat from my responsibilities.

i feel the pain in my lower back intensify with every twist and bend, and i want to cry out of frustration.

i taste guilt and shame in my mouth for not following my heart and denying my truth. 

i smell scents of freedom when i remember that i am not chained here, that i can make the choice to change.

all of this is to say, i want out. and i want more. and i am chasing a dream that is not mine. when did i forget about myself in this equation? why did i let someone else's ideas and dreams and "suggestions" be what influenced how i live? when are those straws enough to break the camel's back? 


my suggestions to others on how to "fix" their problems are a direct projection of my own desire to fix my life. but it's easier to tell others what to do, right? not so easy to take your own advice? to walk the walk and talk the talk takes courage and trust and faith and love.