The becoming

"be easy. 
take your time. 
you are coming
to yourself.
-the becoming | wing"
Nayyriah Waheed

Expansion and contraction. Waxing and waning. It's all a cycle of becoming. Go inward in order to grow outward. Strong undercurrents of change are happening in my life. A rumbling, if you will. I look to nature for comfort and steadiness in patterns. Every fall, trees lose their leaves, remaining bare with no outward beauty to flaunt. But the pure essence and grace remains. They are dormant, working internally to survive. In spring, they blossom yet again, showing off their myriad shades of green. The moon disappears every month, yet is still there, affecting the currents and tides of this world. And soon, she will be in her fullest expression, drawing attention to her light, then finds safe haven in her darkness once more. I'm in my own transition of becoming.