The warming sun will come

Spring has sprung y’all. It seems like it happened over night. But I know it’s been months in the making. Everything lost its vibrancy after one last spectacular burst of color in the fall. The heaviness of what was no longer needed was set aside to give life to the next cycle. The dropped leaves become homes for burrowing bees and turn to sustaining food for the trees and plants. The last of the seeds fall from their mother’s arms. Under the heavy weight of snow, the seed babies retreat into the earth and find refuge in the darkness. The snow is an incubator of sorts, providing protection and a sense of safety in the darkness, creating the perfect environment for the bare seeds to weather the season. Then, the snow melts. The sun lolls in the sky for a little longer every day. The warmth eventually makes its way into the earth, gently calling the seeds to sprout and the roots back to action. The melting snow provides a deeply nourishing and invigorating drink for the reawakened plants. They remember what to do. Their time spent in dormancy gave them the much needed break to recoup, reassess, restore, and renew. They come back with as much vigor and purpose as ever before. Bigger and stronger, yet without force. In perfect alignment with Big Mama’s directions.

I see my life reflected in nature and I gleam with such delight! Watching nature reminds me I’m not alone and that I’m right on time. I have the eternal support of Mother Nature. We evolved from millions of years of living in harmony with her. We were never meant to be DOING all the time, year round. I hear people say, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve just been such a hermit this winter.” And I want to hug them, to take them by the hand and show them what the trees and plants and animals are doing. We aren’t separate from nature. Give yourself grace when you enter the darkness. You’re shedding the dead weight, dropping seeds to be nourished by the release of what no longer serves. Give yourself time and space to draw in, to access your corest of cores, and be with that inner guidance. You’ll come out the other side with more certainty in who you are and you’ll be able to trust your strength, your purpose, yourself! Without dark, there can be no light. The warming sun will come, honey. I promise.