Extend a hand to yourself to widen your circle of compassion.

When I come from a place of health and well-being, it is much easier to be kind to my body. We are in it for the long haul, together. If i constantly berate myself for not being motivated, I will never actually find that motivation. But, when we (my mind, body, and soul) are on the same side, when I extend my hand to myself, we can be so much more: healthy, happy, well, joyful. 

When I think of myself as separate from the whole, I inflict pain on myself, and feed the ego. Whether I think I am better OR not deserving enough, I am trying to make myself separate, special, and thus superior in some way because I think I am "different." When I think of myself whole and part of the whole, I realize our shared humanity. I acknowledge the greatness in each living thing existing. We are whole. We are a whole. We are.

When I attach to an identity or a feature of separateness, I am causing pain. The more I cling, the more I suffer. I can own nothing permanently. Nothing currently in my "possession" will remain in my possession. Even my body. Death will take it all. My things will be used in a new way, given to a new person, somehow never really going away. The food I've eaten since birth, came from the earth; it became me. When I die, it will return to the earth. A circle is never ending.

When I practice compassion on myself, it is easier to to practice on others, with others. I learn the true meaning of empathy. I feel empathy. When I speak to and think of myself in a loving, compassionate way, I am able to speak to and think of others similarly. We are all the same. We are one. Connected.