Creating my reality through language

I can choose to see life through the lens of love and compassion, and to believe that everyone is doing the best they can, with what they have, where they are. And because I choose this way of being, I will see what I want to see because I've made it my mission to create that as my reality. The same goes for whether you're looking for confirmation that you don't belong or that you're not enough; you'll always find it because you've made that your goal. (Thanks Brene Brown for the always wise words!)

For awhile, I've heard this phrase in trainings and development workshops at the yoga studio I teach at: "What I say, creates." But it only recently landed for me. One of the teachers gave the example, "If I tell you this person is a great friend--supportive, loving, fun--you'll engage this person through the lens of what I've created for you with language. If I were to say the exact opposite, that this person is backstabbing and conniving, you may never engage that person or you'll engage them thinking they're about to screw you over." This was an actual epiphany for me. 

It's got me thinking about all the areas of my life in which I may be creating something unintentionally because of the words I've chosen. Am I creating more suffering and discontent because of my lack of intentional language? What am I creating in my life because of the words I knowingly or unknowingly choose? How can I be more conscious of the sacred practice of language and communication? Where are the areas that a simple rephrasing of language and, thus, a reframing of reality could be a total life changer? 

You see, we're always creating--moment to moment, interaction to interaction. So ask yourself: what do you WANT to create? And choose that. Choose to say no when you really want to because of the ease it creates for you later, choose to see that people really are trying their best and you'll see that the world isn't so bad after all, choose to believe that you ARE worthy and enough...because you are! In all situations, you have a choice to create what you want to create, to see what you want to see, because of the words you choose. Words are more impactful than we realize. And the power of choice is the not-so-subtle tool that can make all the difference.